White office desk - 2075

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A classical white office desk model

The furniture factory ‘Eureka’ knows well the key for the perfect piece of furniture. It simply offers a piece of furniture with perfect manufacture and attractive design. This white office desk model has the same qualities and its standard catalogue measures are the following: 1460/ 770/ 660.

This white office desk model resembles that with reference 2074 but apart from the size difference, it attracts the customers attention with its specific place designed to be used for the personal computer. This white office desk model doesn’t rely on complex decoration, additional carving or flamboyant facing. In spite of this, you will not be misled by the first impression which suggests for an exceptionally luxurious manufacture.

The white office desk model is deliberately designed in strict elegant style because it takes into consideration the officially-office interior design of every office. You can place it in the manager’s office with proud. Every detail has been focused on, for example the leather upholstery on the board. This is the basic reason why it is produced to be exported to France.

The white office desk model that is being offered will not let you sink in the sea of documents. It can be seen that there is enough place where you can arrange all your important documents which you are using at the moment. The drawers are with different size so that you will be the person who will decide how to arrange your documents. The second board under the arch-shaped construction is very useful-there you can put your printer, fax, etc. Owing to all these functionalities, the white office desk model is very suitable for every office.

The white office desk model that is being offered can be produced from beech, cherry, oak or lime-tree, from solid wood or in a combination of solid wood and naturally veneered panels. You can see in the illustration, however, how important is choosing the colour. Your white office desk model will acquire exceptional authority with every brown nuance, the darker, the more authority it will offer to the white office desk model. The white colour is not simply a practical choice but the office desk will become exceptionally efficient especially if the details in different colours have been emphasized. The white office desk model will be a perfect choice not only for offices but also for home studies as well.

 It is sure that you will enjoy this wonderful white office desk model for a long period of time and you can easily maintain its elegance and beauty. It is damage resistant and when the surface gets damaged, it can be easily fixed. We offer our customers the opportunity to point their preferred measures according to which this white office desk model will be produced so that it will fit perfectly your office interior design.