Wooden Sofa - 5003

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The idea of a modern home relies mainly on practicality and multifunctionality. This is the reason why we have to use extending sofas for a living-room. The classical sofa for a living-room is comfortable, solid and at the same time, it doesn’t need much space. The furniture factory ‘Eureka’ offers the best option for you with sizes 1800/900/850.

All sofas that are offered can be produced with different from the standard sizes, depending on our customers ‘preferences and requirements. The colours of the fabrics as well as the wooden parts can be also produced in accordance with our customers’ preferences. You can find the colours of the wooden parts you prefer in the menu ‘Colours’ on our site. Concerning the upholstery, we offer fabrics and leathers of a very high quality. You can look at them in the sections ‘Fabrics’ and ‘Leathers’ on our site.

Why is the sofa for a living-room produced by ‘Eureka’ better than the others?

Strength and solidity

This is a piece of furniture that you will really use it for a long period of time. The wooden sofa model is completely manufactured from solid wood (oak-tree, beech or cherry-tree). This model is very stable and solid compared to its cheapest mates in the market, produced from chipboard and MDF. The model has a classical design, wooden arm supports and solid backrests. In this way you will feel comfortable using it.


Cosiness and elegance

With this wooden sofa model, you will create cosiness in your dream home, adding to the whole furniture a set consisting of several parts. You can order as a part of it an armchair, three seater or two seater sofa. The construction of the three seater sofa is similar to the standard models for living-room soft furniture. It is manufactured above a cradle from natural wooden material which can be polished and matted in the visible as well as in the invisible part. The wooden sofa has been manufactured in accordance with high technology for wood processing.

The sofa filling consists of high-quality foam rubber which guarantees comfort. The thickness of the seats and backrests is 10 cm and the arm supports accept the solid construction as preserving the design and style borrowed from the aristocratic furniture. The soft upholstered part of the wooden sofa is easily maintained and cleaned because it has an option for removing and separating with the help of a zipper. In this way, the sofa loose covers can be easily washed.

Another advantage of this wooden sofa model is that it can be extended. This wooden sofa comes to you with a built-in mechanism of click-clack type. Owing to it, the wooden sofa is transformed into a comfortable bed for relaxation.

The model is designed to be used at home as well as hotels, restaurants and other public buildings. Thanks to the high quality of the manufacture, it is successfully sold in the countries of Western Europe.