Wood frame armchair - 5009

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In order to have a comfortable rest or sleep in front of the TV, we are presenting to you a wood frame armchair model.

More untraditional types of soft furniture have appeared in the international market recently, they offer different opportunities for relaxation and rest. These pieces of furniture turned out to be a temporary interest in the furniture fashion because they cannot offer even one-third of the classical armchair comfort and elegance. The wood frame armchair model can offer aesthetics and functionality as well.

The furniture that has been manufactured by the furniture factory ‘Eureka’ has a European quality and durability is guaranteed. Besides, we can guarantee that all of our furniture has been manufactured sticking to eco rules, moreover, they do not pollute the environment and also, they will not cause you any health problems.

The wood frame armchair has a great variety of advantages which make it be preferred by our customers. It is solid, it is perfectly combined with modern and retro interior, it is suitable for big as well as smaller homes, a mechanism can be added to it and thus it will be transformed into an extending armchair.

The wood frame armchair model has a mechanism which moves the wood frame armchair. In this way it can be placed at some distance from a wall in positions and under a good angle for sitting which opens the legs support. The set includes a mechanism with a line. The connection with different levels, with different lengths and easy mounting of the mechanism are available. The measures of the wood frame armchair that is being offered are 730/ 850 / 850 mm height.


Armchairs for relaxation

Modern times offer exceptional facilities and also armchairs for relaxation at reasonable prices. This offer will provide you not only with a good shape but also with an elegant design and easy usage. Obtaining this armchair model, you will have more than you have expected-a remarkable comfort for every moment of your rest.

The wood frame armchair model has a mechanism built in the very construction for easy control with main functions. The first function is moving from sitting to lying position and helps the function during standing.

The second option is very useful for the older people and people who move with more difficulties. The movements are easy, with guaranteed stability when changing the positions. The wood frame armchair model is upholstered with leather or fabric, depending on your personal requirements, which you can look at in the sections ‘ Leathers’ or ‘Fabrics’.

The soft part of the wood frame armchair model is placed over a solid wooden frame which guarantees the necessary stability. The export of our products in the Western Europe countries is a guarantee for a great durability, quality and easy maintainance.