White Stool - 5046

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We are happy to have the opportunity to present to your attention a luxurious stool model which will impress its users with elegance and style as well

This white stool is a part of the ‘Orchid’ series which includes furniture for living-rooms consisting of three-seater and two seater sofa, an armchair and a stool. From the menu ‘Interiors’ you can see samples of dining room furniture as well- a table and chairs and also for bedroom-a cupboard with a mirror and even show case.

All elements are produced from high quality solid wood and the white stool model from the series is one of the most popular and preferred in our catalogue because of its strength and functionality.

This white stool model can be manufactured in asset of the rest part of the furniture or completely separate. It is produced from beech, oak-tree or cherry-tree wood. The colour of the wooden parts can be chosen from the menu ‘Colours’ where you can find a great variety of colours and weathered finishes as well.

The upholstery which you prefer can be chosen from the menus ‘Fabrics’ and ‘Leathers’ on our site. The white stool model that is shown in the picture is produced with a natural leather fabric-a unique article that is offered by our company with 3 cm fur. Samples of this pattern can be seen only in our factory.

The small white stool model has been designed mainly for living-room furniture but it can be also included in hotels, restaurants and clubs interiors. It is very suitable for small places where there is not enough place for large pieces of furniture and in the spacious halls you can place this model next to the fireplace, near the coffee table or next to the piano if you have it.

This white stool model (ref.5046) offers unique comfort for sitting and rest. Owing to its elegant vision, the stool will offer a stylish atmosphere at your home or hotel. Its standard sizes in which it is generally manufactured are 450/550/550. If our customers prefer some other measures, we will manufacture the stools in accordance with the sizes they prefer.

The furniture factory ‘Eureka’ appreciates the natural materials and this white stool model is manufactured from solid wood in our workshops and it is also covered with high-quality fabric. Furthermore, it is not only elegant, but it is also very durable and it will not wear out in the course of time.

This white stool model will attract your attention immediately and it will be the centre in your home interior especially if you are in artistic mood. You can turn this elegant white stool model into a wonderful addition to all kind of interior or in a main accent at your home.