Victorian sofa - 5076

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A Victorian sofa in retro design

The people, who appreciate the retro style furniture, would not be indifferent to the high quality and the aristocratic vision of the Victorian sofa model, produced by the furniture factory ‘Eureka’. The Victorian sofa model is exceptionally elegant and exquisite. Moreover, it fits living-rooms in Empire style, rooms for relaxation and even bedrooms. You can use the Victorian sofa model under the windows or if you have your personal boudoir. The Victorian sofa will fit perfectly your home interior.

The Victorian sofa model is a perfect choice for people who have a very high lifestyle and refined taste, people who do not look for practicality only when they choose furniture. The elegant, even artistic style of the model makes it a real designer treasure with the following measures 860/1900/600. What is more, it is very solid. It is produced only from solid wood-beech, oak-tree or cherry-tree.

It is made to order and in the process of its manufacture, attention is paid to every element of its construction-easy lines of the backrest, which envelops the whole space including the arm supports, the short legs and the soft fabric.

The model is exceptionally comfortable but the element that is highly attractive is the plush fabric-here it is in king crimson. It additionally emphasizes the feeling of aristocracy and high class. This Victorian sofa speaks highly not only of the housewives taste for a more elegant epoch but also of their requirement for the quality and the intransient style.

The Victorian style model can be upholstered with a fabric which can be selected from the menu of the same name on our company site. Even without plush, you will have for sure a very beautiful classical piece of furniture which you can emphasize delicately by a suitable nuance of the wooden elements (from the menu ‘Colours’).

The advantages of this elegant furniture make it a precious addition not only to the living-room suite. The people who highly appreciate the luxurious manufacture would be very happy to have it in their bedroom, relaxation corner or even to be able to move it in their home library. All in all, the Victorian sofa model is very comfortable and you do not have to miss the opportunity to have it at home.

It is not a surprise that the owners of high-class hotels have appreciated the useful advantages of the Victorian sofa for the interior design. The model design will not get old-fashioned for sure, the fabric is very easy to be maintained and it will become more beautiful in the course of time.