Two seater sofa - 5020

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A compact model for  every type of home-one—room flat, studio, this two seater sofa model will surprise you by its functionality.

A modern living-room requires a precisely chosen soft piece of furniture. You can form your home interior with elegant taste, style and feeling of beauty using the furniture factory ‘Eureka’s offers.

This two seater sofa model offers a classical vision, comfortable pillows for sitting and elegant manufacture from wood and modern compatibility with a modern home interior. Apart from that, the two seater sofa model is an exceptionally practical piece of furniture, if our customers want, it can be manufactured with a function for sleeping, in this way you will have a comfortable bed for guests who can come out of a sudden.

The elegant two-seater sofa offers our customers the opportunity to use it without any difficulties. The two-seater part of the sofa is a practical one, you can settle your guests there or you can use it to relax for a while.


A comfortable two-seater sofa

The comfortable and elegant two-seater sofa is easy to place in small spaces and besides, it is very comfortable. Furthermore, it is perfectly combined with kitchen furniture, it is also very suitable for bedrooms as a part of the corner for relaxation, for the nursery or for the living-room. It has a lot of applications.

You can combine it in your living-room with a dining table with simple lines-a table model (ref.2030) or a glass table (ref.2011).

If you choose to have this two-seater model in your kitchen, you are recommended to combine it with a dining extending table model (ref.2099) or a dining ellipse table (ref.2025).The two-seater sofa is manufactured in the following measures 1600/800/800, but if our customers want, it can be produced according to their measures or according to the standard ones for a kitchen sofa.

The two-seater sofa is a part of a set and can be ordered with tree-seater or two-seater sofa model with an armchair. It can be produced as well with a mechanism built in, which will transform the sofa into a comfortable bed with mattress thickness-10 cm. The fabric is very easy to maintain because the sofa has a removing covers with zipper mechanisms. The two-seater sofa model is very suitable for small homes as well as holiday resorts. You can use it to furnish a hotel flat, villa or even a hostel.

Our customers have the opportunity to choose the fabric or the leather type from the menus ‘Fabrics’ or ‘Leathers’. The two- seater sofa model (ref.5020) can be also manufactured upholstered with several colours fabric. If our customers decide to order a quantity of this two-seater sofa model, we can offer to them a discount.