Three seater sofa bed - 5006

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The purpose of the three-seater sofa bed is to offer maximum comfort. It is a perfect choice when we have guests or some relatives who will sleep at your home. If you want your three -seater sofa bed to offer them maximum comfort, the three-seater model (ref.5006) produced by the furniture factory ‘Eureka’ is the perfect choice for you.

This three seater sofa bed offers all kinds of comfort-it is produced from high quality solid wood (oak-tree, beech, cherry-tree), it has a metal mechanism  for extending built in and besides, it has a comfortable mattress on which you will sleep very comfortably.

The new three-seater sofa bed model with mattress allows the air to circulate in the mattress, helps the moisture evaporate and improves the quality of the atmosphere and sleep. The solid mattress offers resilience which will last for a long period of time.

Choosing the proper kind of mattress will help considerably your joints and back muscles, the thighs and your neck relax completely. The many years’ guarantee contributes to this that you can use this  three -seater sofa bed produced by ’Eureka’ for many years.


The three -seater sofa bed guarantees practicality and elegance combined into one

Never mind if you are in need of the three-seater sofa bed for casual guests or you use this piece of furniture every evening, in our company you can find what you are looking for from stylish and easy to use options ,within our range of colours.

The three -seater sofa bed can be ordered separately or as a part of a set of adjoining three- seater and two- seater  sofa and an armchair.

The wooden framework is produced from solid wood (oak-tree, beech, cherry).The colour of the wooden parts can be chosen by request from the menu ‘Colours’ and the upholstery, fabric and leather from the menus ‘Fabrics’ and ‘Leathers’.

The three -seater sofa bed can be ordered and manufactured by request with metal mechanism built in that allows to be transformed into a comfortable bed, the thickness of its mattress is 10 cm. The types of mechanisms also depend on our customers’ preferences.

The three -seater sofa bed that we are offering has the following measures: 1800 / 900/ 850

 mm. The sofas that are manufactured by the furniture factory ‘Eureka’ have a high European quality and 2 years’ warranty.

This soft piece of furniture has been manufactured to be used at home, but it is also very suitable for hotels, restaurants, etc. It is a perfect choice for spacious places and smaller rooms and homes. The high quality of these pieces of furniture is guaranteed y the successful sales in Western Europe.