Sofa chair - 5039

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The sofa chair model (ref.5039), suitable for sleeping is a unique piece of furniture. You will be very happy if you have this sofa chair at your home. It will offer you a complete comfort and what is more, it has a lot of advantages. If you have a small home and you need functional furniture, so the furniture factory ‘Eureka’ is proud of its compact sofa chair model which has enough advantages in order to find its place at your home.

Its advantages are too many. It doesn’t require much space; you can use it as an armchair near your fireplace or in the summer on your terrace. It is easily maintained and it is also functional and you can move it wherever and whenever you want. Another advantage is that its comfortable seat offers a complete comfort to every guest and you can be undisturbed when you need to host unexpected guests.


A comfortable sofa chair with a mechanism for sleeping

The sofa chair model that is a perfect choice for sleeping is a part of a set consisting of a three seater sofa, two seater sofa and this elegant and comfortable sofa chair. It can be also manufactured with a metal mechanism built in which allows it to be transformed into a comfortable bed which mattress is thick 10 cm. It is easily maintained because its covers of the pillows and mattress are removing ones. It is mainly designed to be used at home but it is also suitable to be used in holiday resorts or hotels. Your customers will simply fall in love with the opportunity to relax on this comfortable piece of furniture after sunbathing on the beach instead of enjoying the opportunity to relax on an ordinary bed. This sofa chair model (ref.5039) offers a complete comfort which you can understand immediately when you sit on it.

Owing to its elegant appearance, this piece of furniture offers stylish atmosphere to your home or hotel. If our customers want, when it is being manufactured, several types of fabrics can be combined or it can be made completely of leather. The fabric or the leather can be chosen from the menus ‘Fabrics’ or ‘Leathers’ on our site. We offer a great variety of models from both types. Our team will do their best to satisfy all of your expectations concerning the manufacture of this designer sofa chair.

The sizes which are shown here are 970/1200/800. The furniture factory ‘Eureka’ sticks to the natural materials and in our workshops this sofa chair model is produced from solid wood-oak-tree, beech or cherry-tree. It is a solid type of furniture which will endure every kind of weight and it will not wear out if it used for a long period of time. The sofa chair model is suitable for every type of home interior and its classical appearance makes it the perfect choice.