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To furnish your home with classical soft furniture, without worrying about your home sizes is a task which can be fully completed by the furniture company ‘Eureka’. A three-seater sofa that is produced by the furniture factory ‘ Eureka’ will offer your home elegance, beauty and much comfort-You will have all these things without troubling that this sofa model will need much space.

For example, your living-room will not be fussy although that its sizes are the following: 940/2100/700. The design of this classical sofa has been planned in this way in order to offer high style and nobility not with solid elements but with delicate bends of the wooden parts. The sofa is produced from solid wood-oak-tree, beech or cherry-tree. This sofa model is very suitable for every home.

This sofa model is a part of the’ Orchid’ set. The classical soft furniture suite consists of the most important elements for furnishing of every elegant living-room or parlour. It is not necessary that you rely on interior designers or make complex furniture combinations in order to have elegant furniture which offers fleetness. In the menu ‘Interiors’ you can have an idea what the splendid combination of a three-seater and two-seater sofa, armchair, stool, furniture for dining-room ( a table and chairs), a cupboard with a mirror and show case presents.


A classical soft furniture model for places with different sizes

When you decide to complete the whole process of furnishing your place, we recommend that you use the three-seater sofa as a centre of your home. In this way you will have an easy zoning if you have e spacious dining-room. Instead of having one large room, you will have a corner for your guests or corner where you can relax after a long and hard day, a dining-room or a corner where the mother can take a break for some time.

The three-seater sofa from this classical furniture set is also a perfect choice for interiors of bars and restaurants. You can have it for furnishing your office. In this way you will impress every visitor and at the same time, you will have a comfortable corner for relaxation after a long and hard day. The easy maintenance and the beautiful way it is getting old are all advantages of this model luxurious manufacture.

We really rely on your collaboration in the process of this classical sofa manufacture. You can choose the wood from which we can produce the sofa model (beech, cherry-tree or oak-tree) , how to paint the wooden parts from the menu ‘Colours’, and the way it will be upholstered from the menus ‘Fabrics’ or’ Leathers’. The choice depends only on your personal preferences and requirements. We can offer to the bravest of you to produce this sofa model with leather with 3 cm fur. The efficient option can be seen in our catalogue - ref.5045.