Single sofa bed - 5050

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The single sofa model that has been manufactured by the furniture factory ‘Eureka’ is a part of a set consisting of a three-seater, two –seater sofa and an armchair. The model is preferred by small homes owners, modern hotel complexes as well as holiday resorts. It is very comfortable for sitting and relaxation.

In the process of manufacturing this single sofa bed model (ref.5050), a fabric for the seat and backrest and leather for the base can be combined. It is produced to be exported to Holland. The colour of the wooden parts can be chosen from the menu ‘Colours’ found on our site and the fabric or leather can be chosen from the menus ’Fabrics’ or ‘Leathers’.


A practical single sofa bed

You can see the great variety of colours and fabrics and then you will point which ones you have chosen when you are ready to order. We have dozens of leather models available which are imported from Italy or high-quality artificial leather upholstery. Owners, who appreciate the high quality and the classical style, will undoubtedly like this single sofa bed model which is for sure one of the most preferred models by our customers.

This single sofa bed model is a perfect choice for spacious places but you can also use this nice model in one-room flats or loft style homes. It fits modern furniture, classical style, retro interior depending on the effect our customers are looking for or their preferences.

In the process of its production, only natural materials are used, solid wood –oak-tree, beech or cherry tree which cannot be replaced by the chipboard or MDF furniture that has flooded the furniture shops because of their lower price. The sizes in which this piece of furniture is generally produced are the following: 950/960/750, but if our customers prefer some other measures, we will produce it in accordance with their individual measures. The furniture factory ‘Eureka’ also guarantees that the furniture it produces is manufactured in a way that does not pollute the environment. We don’t use paint that are dangerous for people health and the environment and another important issue is that we do not treat our furniture with dangerous chemicals which makes our furniture more preferred by the customers.

This elegant single sofa bed model is not an exception and it will definitely serve you in the course of time, its fabric will not bear out, its construction will not be damaged by the weight and it will not rust as well because it is completely resistant to all kinds of damages. The advantages that have been listed make the single sofa bed model undoubtedly one excellent choice for your home or even for your winter garden.