Round sofa - 5052

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We are happy to be able to present to your attention one unusual model which you will like it for sure. The furniture factory ‘Eureka’ is presenting to you a round sofa with a high seat which allows it to be used together with a high dining table. The seat height is 42 cm and it is mainly used for restaurants, cafes, bars and night bars. Its simple vision and C-shape construction allows it to be used in places with non standard architecture and it separates individual zones in the place.

Owing to its elegant vision, the model seems to be very suitable for modern as well as classical interior. It is a very comfortable piece of furniture which will offer unbelievable experience to your guests. It can be manufactured in accordance with our customers’ preferred measures in whole circle or in some other options according to our customers’ preferences or the idea of the complete furniture.

A round sofa made to order

The fabric or the leather can be chosen by you from the menus ‘Fabrics ‘or ‘Leathers’. You can see the great variety of colours and fabrics and then you will point which ones you have chosen when you are ready to order. We have dozens of leather types available which are imported from Italy or high quality artificial leather upholstery. Owners who appreciate the high quality and the traditional style will like undoubtedly this round sofa model.

The advantages of this round sofa model aren’t finished with its usage in different places. It can be used as an original dining-room if you have a studio apartment. What is more, the separate modules can be replaced and if it is necessary, you can change this round sofa up to your preference.

The round sofa model that is being offered now can be turned into a central accent in your rooms where it is placed, and its practicality will attract you immediately-there is much place for a lot of people and at the same time, it allows to place a round table as an addition. In the process of the production of this round sofa model natural materials from solid wood-beech, oak-tree, cherry-tree are used. The measures that are demonstrated in the picture are 1400/800/2120/600, but every order can be completed in accordance with the customers’ personal preferences. The furniture factory ‘Eureka’ does its best to produce furniture which does not pollute the environment, to be comfortable and safe for our health, no matter how long we are using it, and another important issue is that we do not treat the furniture with dangerous lacquers and paints. This round sofa model (ref.5052) is not an exception and it will be definitely a wonderful investment for you and also a perfect addition to your home interior.