Retro sofa - 5070

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An elegant retro sofa

The retro sofa model that is produced by the furniture company ’Eureka’ will attract the customers who appreciate the modern trends in furniture and the people who love the intransient charm of the classical furniture by its beauty. The retro sofa model is able to offer an elegance of an epoch that has already passed but it is being manufactured in a way that responds to the most modern trends in the interior design.

The retro sofa model is generally produced with the following sizes 900 (460 elongation from the seat to the floor)/2150/870 but if our customers want, we can offer an armchair with smaller sizes.

The exceptional refined and fine design makes this retro sofa model very suitable for Vintage or Empire style interiors. The upholstered fabric additionally offers a feeling of retro appearance.

The model is an example of an exceptionally luxurious manufacture combining strength that has been guaranteed by the solid wooden base and stylish design. The wood that has been used is of a very good quality-beech, oak-tree and cherry-tree. The upholstery is also from high-quality fabric which can be chosen from the menu ‘Fabrics’ on our site. We can also offer this retro sofa model with natural leather upholstery and you can see samples in the menu ‘Leathers’.

The eye-catching lines of the backrest, slightly curved legs and the exceptionally soft fabric guarantee for comfort. Very close to the pomposity, the retro sofa model offers an exceptional authority in the interior. Although that this retro sofa model engages with symmetricity and aristocratic appearance, the precise housewife notices with pleasure the practical side of this retro sofa model.

This retro sofa is very easy to be maintained. The pillows of the seat and backrest have zippers in order to be easily removed to be cleaned without any difficulty when they get dirty. The bright colours and the strength of the upholstery are easily maintained but the most important thing is that this impressive piece of furniture cannot be transformed into old-fashioned one even absurd one.

When you have a clear idea about how the perfect interior at your home would look like, the fabric of your retro sofa could be very different. In the specialised menu on our site you can see the great variety which is offered by the furniture factory ‘Eureka’. The illustrative example in the illustrations clearly demonstrate how the dark nuances offer authority in the visual perception of the model, the floral patterns offer fleetness and unostentatious cosiness.

The fact that the base can be finished with a great variety of colours is attractive for the people who know how to furnish their homes. In this way you will have a very beautiful piece of furniture and what is more, it has been manufactured according to the most modern trends of the production.

The furniture factory ‘Eureka’s popularity is going further, it satisfies the exceptionally high requirements of our Russian customers. They appreciate the luxurious manufacture at a decent price, one more advantage of our production.