Retro armchair - 5044

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We are happy to present to your attention a uniquely comfortable retro armchair model.

You will enjoy a complete comfort and relaxation sitting in it.

This retro armchair model is from the ‘Orchid’ series and it will offer you an unbelievable experience. It can be used for sitting as well as for a longer rest. The furniture factory ‘Eureka’ is proud of its elegant retro armchair model which is so aristocratic that it will find its place in every refined home. You will not only feel as you have climbed on a throne but also, you will be able to impress your guests.

The retro armchair is a part of the ‘Orchid’ series and can be combined with the rest part of the articles or it can be used separately. It is offered together with luxurious soft furniture (ref.5045), a delicate stool (ref.5046) and it can be also combined with a table (ref.2017).

The retro armchair with soft backrest and more stable and soft seat is a perfect choice for your home interior. It is easy to be maintained and has been designed to be used mainly at home, but at the same time, it is also suitable for holiday resorts, flats or hotels. If you want to impress your guests in your hotel complex, this retro armchair model will really attract them especially if you turn it into an addition to the hotel flat interior or a part of the furniture in the parlour or cafe in your hotel complex.

The retro armchair can be manufactured in accordance with our customers’ preferences-from beech, oak-tree or cherry-tree wood. The colour of the wooden parts can be chosen from the menu ‘Colours’. Here you can see the great variety of colours and fabrics and then you will point which ones you have selected when you are ready to order. Our team will do their best to satisfy all your requirements concerning the manufacture of this retro armchair model.

You can see the retro armchair model in the picture, which is upholstered with natural leather- a unique option with 3 cm fur. Undoubtedly, having this elegant retro armchair model at your home, you will feel more than aristocratically and when you use this piece of furniture, it will satisfy all of your requirements.

The sizes in which it is manufactured are 940/850/700, but it can be also produced in accordance with our customers’ measures. The furniture factory appreciates the natural materials and in our workshops this model is produced only from solid wood. This fact makes it very durable in the course of time, stable and comfortable at the same time.