Modern sofa - 5055

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A comfortable modern sofa - a part of a universal suite of furniture

We are offering to you one very smart modern sofa model in which you will fall in love.

The modern sofa model is not only a part of the standard living room set but a part of your new home interior. It is more than a piece of furniture on which you can sit comfortably, it is also a practical acquisition. Owing to it, you can save precious place in a small flat and you can invite more guests on. People, who have more than one child, can use it as a family bedroom suite.

The furniture factory ‘Eureka’ perfectly knows its customers’ taste and preferences. For this purpose our designers have created not only a practical solution in response to their demand. The modern sofa model is a very attractive piece of furniture. The model has easy, elegant lines and standard construction.

If our customer wishes, it can be manufactured with a metal mechanism built in. This very construction makes it a very comfortable bed which mattress is thick 10 cm.


The model is made to order. In the catalogue of ‘Eureka’ it is offered with the following measures 870/2300/980, but it can be manufactured with measures that respond to our customers’ requirements. Practical housewives have the freedom to transform it into a centre in their living-room interior. Modern sofa model is offered in a set of two-seater sofa and three- seater sofa and an armchair.

You can be sure that you will receive not only a high-quality manufacture but we can also guarantee that you will use it for a very long period of time. The construction is very stable and its maintenance is very easy as well. Every diligent host will appreciate the advantages of the loose covers of the pillows with zipper that can be removed. A standard detergent will clean it and will maintain the colours freshness. The quality of the fabrics is also high, so you can be at ease.

Trusting the furniture factory ‘Eureka, you will receive not just comfort and beauty, created by a foreign person’s taste. You will be the person who will decide if the living-room, where you will invite your guests, will be painted in warm, light colours or it will have exacting elegance owing to its classical combination. From the menus ‘Fabrics’ or ‘Leathers’ you can choose your favourite upholstery in a colour that you like.

The modern sofa model is a perfect choice for your home but it can be also used in holiday places and hotels.