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The furniture factory ‘Eureka’ is offering to its customers’ attention the leather sofa model which is intended to be used for sleeping. The leather sofa model is completely manufactured from solid wood and is upholstered in the proper manner. Its stable legs offer stability and comfort and the extending mechanism-extra space where you can invite guests that you haven’t expected.

This model can be manufactured in small or plus sizes. The fabric pattern is upholstered fabric or leather. You can choose the pattern you prefer from the menus ‘Leathers’ or ‘Fabrics’. You can also select different combinations if you like to make a combination of various patterns or you can prefer only one colour. Our customers choose the fabric.


A comfortable leather sofa- a perfect choice for sleeping on it

The furniture company ‘Eureka’ works only with the highest quality wood in the process of manufacturing stylish and elegant sofa models. We use oak-tree, beech or cherry-tree wood. The wood that we use is solid but not chipboard or MDF sheets.

This leather sofa model can be manufactured completely upholstered or if our customers want there can be uncovered wooden parts. If you choose this option, you can select the colour of the wood from the menu ‘Colours’ found on our site.

The leather sofa model is a part of a set consisting of two-seater or three-seater, two-seater sofa with an armchair. The order production allows it to be also manufactured with built-in mechanism which will transform it into a comfortable bed. The thickness of the mattress that is 10 cm offers a complete relaxation while you are sleeping on it. This leather sofa model has been designed to be used at home but it is also suitable for furnishing offices and hotels.

The advantages of choosing this particular model are too many. It is exceptionally compact and what is more, when it is extended, it doesn’t require much space. Another important advantage is that it is easy to maintain. And another fact that cannot be ignored-it can be easily transformed into a comfortable bedroom suite or just a bed.

In your home interior, this leather sofa model can be perfectly combined with a wooden living-room table (ref.2009) or TV table (ref.3053). Owing to its elegant vision, the leather sofa model offers a stylish atmosphere in every interior type even in office. In an office interior, the leather sofa can be combined with a study cupboard (ref.3004).