Leather club chair - 5060

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The leather club chair is a unique model in the wide variety of samples in the catalogue of the furniture factory ‘Eureka’. Like the rest part of the furniture, it is made to order with a guarantee for high quality and reliability for decades. What differs this leather club chair from the rest models is its unique design, ultramodern shapes and at the same times its multifunctionality.

The sizes in which this leather club chair model is offered are impressive-800/950/900 but the most attractive aspect of this piece of furniture is the untraditional design solution. Its eccentric appearance would make it a perfect choice for every type of modern interior design. You have to know that this leather club chair is also offered in a set of three-seater and two-seater sofa with an armchair.

If you are of the people who appreciate the latest modern trends in interior, you will not have any problems for sure to give yourself not simply ultramodern furniture but furniture which is highly comfortable. Furthermore, it has leather upholstery, comfortable seat and backrest, it can turn to be your husband’s favourite object –for sitting on it while he is watching a football match. The leather club chair can be also a perfect addition to a bachelor’s lodgings.


A modern and multifunctional leather club chair

The elegant leather club chair can find its place in every spacious living room but people, who appreciate the luxury, can think that it can be used in more different places. It has not been called ‘club chair’ in vain. It is very easy to imagine the leather club chair model in places for exclusive people, where people with great financial capabilities and high requirements visit these places. It is very suitable as well for the interior of clubs and discos.

Furthermore, it is also very suitable for the room which you can transform in your home library. People, who want to work in atmosphere speaking highly of the company prestige, prefer this modern leather club chair for the general manager’s visitor armchair.

In this relation we would like to advise you that you pay attention when you are ready to order this model. You are the person who is going to choose the leather type with which the chair will be upholstered. The light nuances suggest that the model will be used in the drawing-room while the dark colours additionally offer authority and respect, that’s why the model is also suitable for business interior. Our furniture company ‘Eureka’ is able to offer a great variety of leathers which you can see in our specialised menu on our site ‘Leathers’.

As an additional bonus, when you are selecting this elegant and modern leather club chair model, we will point the fact that this model is very popular in the international market. Our French customers, for example, have estimated its advantages for ages and choose it because of its state, its high quality and comfort.