Large Corner Sofa - 5068

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Elegant corner sofa for the kitchen

The modern type of furnishing goes with new designers’ solutions and experiments with artificial fabrics. Along with this, it is necessary that the interior complies with a smaller space. That’s why furniture designers choose to use shapes and constructions that are not known by the classics. You can rely on the furniture company ‘Eureka’, however, which will offer production which has combined them both.

The new term ’corner sofa’ has entered in industry. We usually use it in the kitchen where we have to master maximum useful space. Our aim is to leave some space in order our housewives can do their chores and to invite our family to sit on the table.

The large corner sofa model produced by our furniture company ‘Eureka’ cannot be compared with sofas which you have seen in the catalogues of our competition. The large corner sofa is a wonderful sample for this that the gracefulness and the style are not especially for the drawing-room. Its size -940/2300/1600 guarantees stability and high comfort but you will be very impressed first by the beauty of this untraditional large corner sofa model. This sofa is produced to order from the wood of beech, cherry-tree or oak-tree.

The elegant lines of the wooden parts, the delicately curved legs follow uncompromising comfort. This large corner sofa model is an important part of the ‘Orchid ‘set and that’s why we do not want to put in frame its application. This large corner sofa model will be suitable for every combination of the rest part of the furniture from the ensemble-three-seater, two-seater sofa armchair, stool, furniture for a dining-room (a table and chairs, a cupboard with a mirror and showcase.

Even the small rooms in the modern housing estate will look spacious because the suite of furniture focuses on the delicacy and the gracefulness of the furniture. You can also see the unusual option of a large corner sofa and the rest of the elements in the menu ‘Interiors’. In order to emphasize the elegance of the construction, we can advise you that you use lighter paint for the wooden parts. However, if you like the darker colours, you will not make a mistake-you will simply offer some respect to the interior.

You can also use the upholstery type according to your personal taste. From the menu ‘Fabrics’ or ‘Leathers’ you can find the most suitable one which responds to your requirements.

We will offer to the bravest of you to experiment with the unique natural leather with 3 cm fur, you can see the model-ref.5045.