Large 3 seater sofa - 5036

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We are happy to present to our customers one splendid large 3 seater sofa model which is inspired by garden furniture and will find its place not only in your living-room, but also on the veranda or even in your winter garden. This large 3 seater sofa model is a part of a set of two-seater sofa, an armchair and three-seater sofa, but it can be manufactured separately.

It is completely produced from solid wood and you are free to choose between beech, cherry-tree or oak-tree. The colour of the wooden parts can be selected by you from the menu ‘Colours’ before ordering the model. Concerning the upholstery, you can choose between fabric and leather and you can see and choose according to your preferences from the menus ‘Fabrics’ or ‘ Leathers’. This large three sofa model (ref.5036) has been designed to be used at home as well as hotels, restaurants and luxurious bars. It is a perfect choice for spacious places, but it is also suitable for smaller rooms because it doesn’t need much space.


Retro large three seater sofa

The sizes in which the retro 3 seater sofa model is manufactured by the furniture factory ‘ Eureka’ are the following 900/2180/850,but it can be produced in accordance with our customers ’measures. The base of the designer large three seater sofa is produced from stable solid construction and the soft pillows offer its users a complete comfort. It also offers romantic suggestion. It is also preferred by people who appreciate the classical style, but also by people who like Vintage and Retro style.

In your home interior, this piece of furniture is perfectly combined with the designer living-room table (ref.2093) or the living-room table with drawers (ref.2090).At the same time, you can use this large 3 seater sofa model as a part of your kitchen furniture organizing with its help a dining corner.

The sample which can be seen in the pictures is not only durable and does not wear out easily, but also it cannot be compared with the furniture produced from chipboard or MDF which is often found in the furniture shops. You will appreciate the advantages of this sofa model immediately because this retro large three seater sofa model is not only unique as an idea but also it is a perfect choice to be used for a long period of time. The easy way of maintaining also makes it be highly appreciated by our customers. Depending on the fabric colour you will prefer, it can turn to be an accent at your home or to be a simple and at the same time, a luxurious addition to the rest part of your furniture in your home interior.