Kitchen sofa - 5002

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We are offering to your attention one more model from the collection of sofas produced from solid wood which combines the comfort of the modern soft furniture and the solidity of retro furniture from solid wood. This kitchen sofa model is elegant, very refined and of course, it is stylish as well. It is a perfect choice for modern homes of town type as well as homes in villages-villas, rest-houses, holiday and hotel complexes.

This kitchen sofa has a lot of advantages in comparison  to the rest of its mates-it doesn’t need much space, it is very comfortable for usage, it is easily and quickly extended and it is also easily maintained.

Concerning the stability, it is resistant to hits and wear and tear and you can be sure that it won’t fall to pieces if one of your children decides to jump on it.

The construction of the kitchen model is very similar to the construction of the tree seater sofas, sofas and armchairs. It consists of load-bearing skeleton and upholstered arm support where you can put your arms or elbows while you are resting. The seats and backrest of this kitchen sofa model are upholstered completely with foam rubber which thickness is at least 10 cm and the arm supports are manufactured from wood and preserve the design of aristocratic soft furniture.

The kitchen sofa model is manufactured from natural solid wood and in order to be produced, a high-quality technology for wood processing is used. Some of the front and the rest part of the rear parts and the skeleton are completely from solid wood-oak-tree, beech or cherry-tree.

Depending on your personal preferences, the customer has the freedom to choose the lacquer coating as well as the other colour for the wooden parts of this soft furniture. You can select the colour of the wooden part from the section ‘Colours’. In the same way, you can select the fabric and leather from the menus at the bottom of the site (Look at the sections ‘Leathers’ and ‘Fabrics’).


A unique kitchen sofa manufactured from solid wood

The kitchen sofa is a part of a set of three seater, two seater and an armchair. The advantages of this piece of furniture are that it has a metal mechanism built in which allows to be easily transformed into a comfortable bed. The sofa has a thick upholstery of 10 cm and a comfortable mattress. It is easily maintained and you can regularly clean it without much effort. The cushions have removable covers which you can wash even in a washing machine. Everything helps to maintain the sofa. The soft furniture has compact sizes 1250 /850 /900 cm, but it can also be manufactured according to our customers ‘sizes. This kitchen sofa model is sold very well in the countries from Western Europe.