French Armchair - 5008

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We are very happy to present to your attention the French armchair model that keeps abreast with novelty and is in accordance with the modern way of life requirements. The French armchair model is a combination of comfort, fleetness and elegance. The modern design of this French armchair model reincorporates the aristocracy times and merges into the modern requirements for style, luxury and beauty.

The French armchair is manufactured from solid wood-beech, oak-tree, cherry-tree, which colours are too many and you can choose them from the category ‘Colours’. Depending on your personal taste, you can choose between classical one-colour patterns or tones with golden and silver weathered finish.

The French armchair upholstery can be fabric or leather or a combination of both of them. The colour depends on our customers ‘preferences and can be combined perfectly with the rest part of your home interior. You can choose the colour that responds to your preferences from the menu ‘Colours’.


A French armchair-antiquity and modern times

The French armchairs offer comfortable, straight backrest and precision when you position every part of your body. The chair with solid construction manufactured from oak-tree wood can be adapted to every part of your body because it offers a sealing for your arms, back, waist and seat. The compact sizes 850/700/ 940 give an additional feeling of comfort.

The French armchairs are of the few pieces of furniture which have been transferred from the Middle Ages to Modern times. They have been preserved in times of progress and have strengthened their position as French armchairs.

The advantages of this piece of furniture also include its stability, elegance and quality. In this French armchair model you will feel  as kings.

In the past what were very important were the straight line and edges and surprisingly the strict sticking to the classical protruding shape of the upholstered soft furniture has been kept in modern times as well. Such a transformation can be seen with our offers for French armchairs models. The furniture factory ‘Eureka’ offers two years’ warranty and high European quality guaranteeing comfort and relaxation.

The French armchair model have all the qualities that guarantee the comfort of your body and what is more, it is very elegant type of furniture. You can place it in Baroque style interior or in neo classical one.

It will be a perfect choice for Empire style interior as well. You can even combine it with furniture in modern style if you choose an appropriate colour of the wood and fabric.