Contemporary sofa - 5054

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The furniture factory ‘Eureka’ is presenting to your attention a contemporary sofa model which is a perfect choice for every modern office. If our customers would like, this contemporary sofa model can be also produced with a metal mechanism built in which allows it to be transformed into a comfortable bed which mattress is thick 10 cm.

The contemporary sofa model is a perfect choice for offices and public buildings thanks to its business appearance and leather upholstery. At the same time, it can be also used in hotels and high-quality public places.


Leather contemporary sofa

Owing to its comfort and simple style, this contemporary sofa model can be used to furnish homes as well, no matter if you are going to use it in your dining-room or in your home study.

The contemporary sofa is very comfortable and that’s why it is one of the most preferred sofa models by our customers. Owing to its elegant appearance, it offers a stylish atmosphere to your interior. The upholstery can be leather as well as a fabric which you can choose from the following menus: ‘Fabrics’ or ‘Leathers’. Here you can see the great variety of colours and fabrics and then you will point which ones you have chosen when you are ready to order your preferred piece of furniture.

We have dozens of leather fabrics types which are imported from Italy or high-quality artificial upholstery. Owners who appreciate the high quality and the simple style will like this contemporary sofa for sure. It can find its place in big, spacious places but it can be also suitable for smaller ones where it will offer a refined atmosphere and it will be your favourite corner where you can relax. The contemporary sofa model that is being offered now can be transformed into an accent in your place depending on the colours choice, the rest part of the furniture and the style. In the process of the production of this contemporary sofa model only solid wood is used-oak-tree, beech or cherry-tree.

The high quality of the solid wood furniture, the reliable upholstery and the elegant design make the contemporary sofa models as well as the other models from this series be preferred by our customers. You are free to compare them with the chipboard and MDF furniture which is very often sold in the furniture shops. The sizes in which this contemporary sofa model is offered are 900/2100/960, but every order can be completed in accordance with the customers’ personal requirements.

The contemporary sofa model (ref.5054) will find its place in every office or home. You can combine it with a living-room table produced from solid wood (ref.2054) or living-room table made from wenge (ref.2012).