Compact sofa - 5064

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People who appreciate the luxurious manufacture and at the same time practicality and simplicity, will like for sure the compact sofa model, produced by the furniture factory ‘Eureka’ .The compact sofa model presents a composition of an elegant sofa with wooden frame which makes it suitable for modern as well as classical style homes.

It is produced from solid wood (oak-tree, beech or cherry-tree) with a wide range of colours for the wooden parts. This compact sofa model is suitable not only for your living-room but also for your veranda especially during summer.

It does not offer a complex designer solution, solid construction and decoration but it really guarantees strength and high quality of the materials which are used for its manufacture. Deciding to include this model in your home, this will only enrich your home with solid wood furniture which will serve you for long years without being damaged by external factors.


A compact sofa for modern type interiors

Its practicality is not its basic advantage. The modern town girls and boys break up the chains of the heavy interiors, retro ideas and solid wood furniture. The compact sofa model is provided with a strong but very simple construction. It is produced to order and its standard sizes are 800/ 1370/ 750. It is focused on the compact sofa functionality, the symmetric and simple lines and the design curtness. The model offers a backrest with continuations instead of arm supports. The wooden parts of the compact sofa are made very simple, they do not have much decoration. This model is a real treasure in modern minimalist style.

Our customers are those who will define which type of solid wood would be used to produce this compact sofa model. You are free to choose between beech, oak-tree and cherry-tree wood. Furthermore, the colour of the wooden construction can be pointed in the specialised menu on our site as well as the type of the upholstery from the menus: ‘Fabrics’ or ‘Leathers’.

In order to follow the modern trends, we can advise you that you choose the cold colours-black, white, grey, cream colour. Do not think that you will make a mistake if you choose light or bright colours. Then instead of minimalist sample, you will have a compact sofa, a home bench in a room bathed in light. The simple construction provides the interior with fleetness and you do not have to take into account the size of the place you want to situate this compact sofa model. No matter, if the place is spacious or a small one, the model will look great everywhere especially if it is combined with the complete ensemble of three-seater and two-seater sofa  and armchair that are offered by our furniture company ‘Eureka’.

The modern, unostentatious vision makes the compact sofa model a perfect choice not only for home usage but also for hotels, restaurants, etc.