Chesterfield sofa - 5057

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In the furniture factory ‘Eureka’s catalogue, where there is a great variety of products, you can see models that are following the actual trends in the interior design. What really impresses our customers is the manufacture of the classical piece of furniture. We are very glad that we have the opportunity to present to you the Chesterfield sofa model that is produced by our company.

This Chesterfield sofa model has been a sample of comfort and eternal beauty. You will be impressed by the luxurious manufacture of the Chesterfield sofa model. You will be also provided with the opportunity this sofa to be made to order in accordance with your personal taste.

The Chesterfield sofa model is offered with the following sizes: 800/1750/1000. If you choose to have it for your living-room, you will soon understand that this sofa model has been perfectly designed which will never get old-fashioned

This Chesterfield sofa model has a great variety of advantages. Let’s start from its stylish design. Second, it has comfortable seats, another advantage is its reliable leather upholstery, it has very modern parts and last but not least-it is a very practical piece of furniture.


A Chesterfield sofa – British classics furniture produced by ‘Eureka’

You have the freedom to choose the upholstery from the menus:’ Fabrics’ or ‘Leathers’ on our company site and if you have some hesitations, our consultants are always ready to help you. The fabrics we are offering are of high quality and they are also very easy to be maintained. You have to bear in mind the advantages of leather upholstery. It focuses on the beauty of every line of the model; it offers feeling of elegance and great comfort.

Your guests will not be misled by their impression that this Chesterfield sofa model is a very comfortable piece of furniture. After a long and hard day, you will feel as though you are embraced by this elegant sofa model.

The most precious quality of the Chesterfield sofa model is its ability to combine with every type of furniture. As a classical type of furniture, it is easy to imagine it among traditional even retro interior but nowadays the interior designers bravely experiment with ‘mixtures’. The eternal beauty of this Chesterfield sofa will be also a perfect choice for a modern home.

The most practical customers of ours appreciate not only the aesthetic advantages of the Chesterfield sofa model. It presents a main part of a set for furnishing consisting of a three -seater, two-seater sofa and an armchair.

It is very important to be known by the small flats owners that there is an option this sofa model to be also manufactured with metal mechanism built in. Owing to this mechanism your Chesterfield sofa model will be transformed into a comfortable bed which mattress is 10 cm thick. This is a perfect option if you have a guest who visits your home out of a sudden.

The multifunctionality of this Chesterfield sofa model explains why our customers prefer it not only for furnishing their home but also for furnishing hotels, offices, bars, etc.