Cheap 2 seater sofa - 5069

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An elegant and very practical cheap two-seater sofa

The cheap 2-seater sofa model, produced by the furniture factory’ Eureka’, is a real treasure in our catalogue variety. Its size is not impressive- 950/1650/750. It is also made to order but what it offers is an exceptional combination of quality, beauty and comfort.

The people who highly appreciate soft furniture cannot always find product which will endure the test of time, usage and the fashion trends change. Our company pays attention to the attractive appearance of our furniture, the luxurious manufacture and a very special attention is paid to our models practicality.

For example, this cheap two-seater sofa is a very suitable piece of furniture for the living-room of an elegant home and in the reception-room of a modern office. You will be surprised, however, that its functionality reached the moment when this cheap 2 seater sofa can be used in your bedroom as well. If our customers want, this 2 seater sofa model can be also produced with a metal mechanism built-in. Owing to it, the elegant two –seater sofa model can be transformed into a comfortable bed which mattress is thick 10 cm. So, if you need to invite some friends of yours in your small home, you should not worry because you will have a comfortable sofa to offer to them. You have to be at ease because you will invite them in a pleasant atmosphere and at night you will feel comfortable and calm because you have taken care of your important guests’ comfort and relaxation.

Another important advantage of this cheap 2 seater sofa is its functionality. The model is simple, with gorgeous design and very stylish. It has been manufactured from solid wood-oak-tree, cherry-tree or beech. This cheap but at the same time elegant two -seater sofa model will respond to all your expectations and moreover, it will provide you with the opportunity to enjoy the pleasure to have a comfortable and solid piece of furniture at home, which will serve you for a long period of time.

The beauty of the cheap two -seater sofa is not limited only to the traditional design and elegant lines. Our customers have the freedom to offer their personal imagination and preference in the process of its manufacture. Our customers will be the people who will choose the colour of the wooden parts and the upholstery.

You can see the trivial art when the fabrics have been used, they enrich the aesthetic solution of the model. You have to bear in mind that you can choose natural or artificial leather to upholster this cheap two -seater sofa. In order to provoke the customers with untraditional taste, we even offer a combination of a fabric for the seat and backrest  and leather for the base. You can choose the fabric from the menu ‘Upholstery’ or ‘Leather’ on our site.

The cheap two- seater sofa model is mainly produced to be exported to Holland. Our customers appreciate not only its unarguable advantages but also, the fact that it is offered in a set of three-seater and two-seater sofa and an armchair.