Blue Sofa - 5018

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At the end of your working day, most people would like to relax in front of the TV watching a nice film or favourite TV show or listening to a nice and sweet music. In order to be able to help you create the most comfortable atmosphere at your home, we are happy to have the opportunity to present to you the blue sofa model. This type of a sofa has been manufactured following the most innovative technology for comfort and quality and also, it combines multifunctionality, a nice vision and it is easy to maintain.

The advantages of this blue sofa model are too many. It is with a simple design, it is produced from solid wood and besides, it is exceptionally stylish and reliable. You can be sure that it will not damage so easily in comparison to the cheap sofas sold in the shops and what is very important is that it is weather-proof.

The blue sofa model can be combined perfectly with Vintage interior as well as with furniture in Expressionism and even Eklektik style. People who like the non-traditional things have the opportunity to upholster this blue sofa depending on their personal preferences, they can choose leather upholstery, cloth fabrics. You can choose if they will be of high quality or middle class ones. You have the freedom to look at them from the menus ‘Fabrics’ and ‘Leathers’ on our company’s site.


A flexible design and shapes in a blue sofa model

This blue sofa model is designed to be used mainly at home. But it is also suitable for entrance-halls, hotel lobbies, holiday houses, flats, etc.

This type of a sofa offers a great variety of options for comfort while you are sitting and relax on it. Owing to its elegant vision, it makes your home interior more mysterious and stylish. You can choose the upholstery you like most from the menus ‘Fabrics’ or ‘Leathers’ and the colours from the respective menu.

All of our offers for sofas can be seen in the section ‘ Sofas’ and depending on what you need, you can choose an extending sofa which will guarantee the necessary comfort for your body. The  blue sofa model has the following sizes2000 / 850/850 mm. According to your preferences, the sofa sizes can be changed. The blue sofa models are offered with foam, the seats thickness is at least 10 cm.

This blue sofa model is exceptionally suitable for every type of home interior as well as for public places. It is easy to maintain, it looks splendid and if the upholstery gets damaged, it can be reupholstered. Besides, the solid seats guarantee great comfort. That’s why it is well sold in the countries from Western Europe.