Armchair general - 5001

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We want to offer to you an elegant armchair general model which will become your favourite piece of furniture at your home. It is produced from heavy and solid wood which offers an authentic appearance of the furniture. It is practical as well as comfortable and it is also a perfect addition to your furniture. The armchair general offers the people who use it comfort and stability.

The armchair general can be ordered separately or as a part of a set. In a combination with the rest part of the models from the series, it is perfectly combined with three seater or two seater sofa.

The wood type that is used to manufacture the solid part of the armchair general is oak-tree, beech or cherry-tree. Depending on our customers ‘preferences, the colours of the wooden parts can be chosen from the menu ‘Colours’ on our site.

Our customers have also the freedom to choose the patterns of the upholstery. You can choose among the great variety of fabrics or leather in the menu ‘Fabrics’ or ‘Leathers’ on the site.


A retro armchair general

The armchair general (ref.5001) can be successfully combined with a modern as well as with traditional and classical interior. Moreover, it fits perfectly the home furniture as well as office furniture. A similar piece of furniture can be a perfect choice for furnishing villas, hotel complexes, holiday resorts and some other tourist complexes. It will offer freshness in the different types of places.

With this armchair general model, produced from solid wood from the furniture factory ‘Eureka’ series, you will enjoy a complete comfort. What it offers is a real practicality and comfort. If you think that this piece of furniture is too heavy for your living room, you can place it in your bedroom as a corner for relaxation, in your office, study or in the library.

The goal of this retro style armchair is to meet our customers’ needs at home. You can be sure that it cannot be broken if your children are jumping on it or if some of your guests, who are plump, decide to use it. It is very stable because of the materials that are used to manufacture this practical armchair model. The model is popular in the countries of Western Europe. Besides, it is provided with a guarantee for quality and safety.