Armchair bed - 5063

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Would you like to have a comfortable, functional, solid and at the same time unostentatious armchair bed model at home? An armchair bed model produced by the furniture factory ‘Eureka’ impresses our customers with a design simplicity, high strength and size. In our catalogue you can see a wide variety of a brave aesthetic presentation, ornamentation and carving but this armchair model has also some other advantages.

Its impressive sizes are 1000/930/1050 and they guarantee that you will feel very comfortable while you are using this armchair bed model. Its stable construction and classical shape determine its stability and reliability. Undoubtedly you will have the opportunity to use it for a long period of time without changing its manufacture quality and comfort. The real advantage of this armchair model, however is next to you.

This elegant and comfortable armchair bed model has been manufactured in a way that when you move back the backrest, it will be transformed into a very comfortable bed. It is made to order and it is a real treasure for those who have had difficulties in placing a maximum useful piece of furniture in a very small place. It is even suitable for nurseries and you can be at ease that your children will feel comfortable if it is necessary their friends to sleep at your home.


A simple and very practical armchair bed

In fact, the simple vision of this armchair bed model makes it multifunctional furniture. It is not important where it will be placed in your living-room or in front of the short coffee table and TV set , in the bedroom or in the nursery-you will feel comfortable everywhere. You should not also forget about guests who do not live in your town or village or your children’s friends who can visit your home in order to organise a pyjamas party-you can fall asleep at ease because you have already taken care of their comfort and relaxation. You should know that the furniture factory ‘Eureka’ offers an original cooperation to its customers-the colour of the fabric and the wooden parts depend o n the customers’ preferences and requirements. They can be chosen from our specialised menus found on our site.

Apart from an unostentatious vision and opportunity to save spacious space at home, every housewife can appreciate to the highest degree its simple and easy way of maintenance. The pillows, the seat and the backrest of this armchair bed are provided with removing covers. Your classical detergent and choosing a suitable programme of your washing machine will guarantee that you will enjoy a constant cleanness and freshness of the model fabric.

The exceptional practicality of this armchair bed model is a very attractive offer for holiday resorts, flats and hotels. Having this armchair bed model, you will be provided with an additional place to host your guests and also you do not have to worry about its maintenance because it is very easy to be cleaned.