Armchair - 5007

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We are glad to offer to your attention one more classical model of solid armchair which can be placed near your fireplace or your second home-a villa among nature, a village house, or a flat in country style. It is very suitable for homey dinners and besides, it is stylish and functional as well. What it offers is individual comfort and transformation of the appearance of your living-room without damaging the whole interior.

The classical model armchair (ref.5007) is characterised by a unique design. Firstly, it has a solid wooden part that is manufactured completely from solid wood. The rear legs are with real geometric lines and the front legs are lathed. The lateral frames of the armchair and the arm supports also have fine lathed elements that provide the armchair with a retro charm.


The armchair is manufactured completely from solid wood of beech, oak-tree or cherry-tree

We can offer to our customers a great variety of colours and you can choose them from the menu ‘Colours’.

The soft part of the armchair is upholstered with upholstery which you can choose between fabric or leather , depending on your personal taste. You can select the patterns from the menu ‘Fabrics’ and ‘Leathers’ and you can also mark them when you order.

The armchair is offered with the following measures: 730 /900 /850 mm. The fabrics and the lining are easy to be cleaned and maintained. They can be treated with detergents and they can be washed as well without damaging the wooden parts of the armchair model. If you have chosen an armchair with leather upholstery, you can maintain it only by wipe cleaning. The high European quality guarantees a longer period of usage. We offer to you a two-year guarantee and you have to be sure that while you are using it, it will offer you calmness and comfort.

The armchair model offers all kinds of comfort for a long period of sitting on it, but only one armchair at your home will not be enough. You can order this armchair model in a set of two-seater or three-seater sofa or you can also order some armchairs as well. We can offer to our customers a discount, if they offer a quantity of this armchair model.

Besides, you can use the armchair for furnishing hotels lobbies or retro style clubs. It is also a perfect choice if you have a winter garden in which you can relax in your favourite, elegant armchair while you are reading an interesting room or you are just having a rest. This piece of furniture has very high qualities. It is sold very well in the countries of Western Europe.