Antique sofa - 5062

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At every elegant housewife’s home you can see furniture which doesn’t seem to be of standard configuration living-room suite. People who appreciate the luxurious type of manufacture, beauty and the high furnishing style often choose additional elements like antique sofa model.

The antique sofa is elegant, it has a comfortable seat but it doesn’t have any additional arm supports. This makes it suitable for a living-room or bedroom additional piece of furniture where you can place it under the windows. The last but not least-you have a wonderful corner perfect for relaxation after a long and tiring working day.

The furniture factory ‘Eureka’ does its best to satisfy every customer’s preferences referring to home interior. People who love artistic furniture, even retro one, we can offer to them this antique sofa model which is manufactured with the following measures 730/1500/600.

Our furniture designers have designed a brave combination of practicality and elegance. This is a very comfortable piece of furniture but we should not underestimate its aesthetic effect. The impression that is made by the short curved legs and aerodynamic shape of the backrest make you feel that you are in an elegant boudoir which used to exist one or two centuries ago.


Artistic antique sofa-soft furniture

The modern trends in the interior rely completely on artificial materials, laconic design solutions and even sterility in the given setting. Nothing, however, can replace the satisfaction to be embraced by furniture that has been manufactured by the highest quality solid wood (in this case beech, oak-tree or cherry-tree).

We understand the people who adhere to the most modern trends but what you cannot forget is that the classical furniture is not getting old. The completed antique sofa model will look elegant and refined forever. Years will not overshadow the artistic design solution but what is more, it will emphasize the beauty of the separate elements.

Your participation in this evergreen beauty is not limited only to the pointing of a model from the catalogue of the furniture company ‘Eureka’. We want to satisfy all your requirements and to help you have an interior type which will respond to your preferences and requirements. We are able to manufacture the antique sofa model in accordance with our customers’ measures but we also provide our customers with the opportunity to choose themselves  the colour of the wooden parts of the antique sofa model from the menu ‘Colours’. It is obvious that the light nuances offer fleetness and elegance. It can be emphasized by the weathered finish which will focus on the retro idea in the design.

On the other hand, the wooden parts of the antique sofa will emphasize the authority of the model. This can be done as well when you choose the upholstery. If you choose leather instead of fabric (from the menus ‘Fabrics’ or ‘Leathers’), the antique sofa model will offer more elegance and refined feeling in the place.