Antique bench - 5061

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The ‘Orchid’ set is our pride in the catalogue of the furniture company ‘Eureka’ and its trademark. Our most popular furniture ensemble consists of a three-seater and two –seater sofa, armchair, stool, furniture for a dining-room (a table and chairs), a cupboard with mirror and showcase. The antique bench model ,that is considered to be a splendid interior addition, has a special place among them.

This antique bench is not something usual in the home of a family with average household budget. It is often chosen by customers who have high financial capabilities and who have very spacious homes as well. The ‘Orchid’ antique bench is an elegant addition to every room furnished with furniture which offers elegance, fleetness and refinement.

This antique bench model is a unique solution and is produced to order. Its catalogue sizes are 700/1400/650.It impresses the customers with its delicate shapes and bends, stability and its unostentatious beauty. In the menu ‘Interiors’, you can get an idea how this antique bench looks in a combination with the other part of the furniture.


An elegant antique bench suitable for every home type

A similar model is not simply a compliment for every stylish housewife. The beauty parlours for selected customers, the boutiques and even VIP flats in the hotels would make a delicate compliment to its female visitors owing to this elegant and stylish antique bench. It will also find its place at home not only in the living-room but also in the winter garden if you have such, or in the bedroom under the window. This piece of furniture can transform every place into a perfect relaxation corner.

We are very happy to notify you that the manufacture of this masterpiece from solid wood is not just our furniture designers and company workers’ work. Our customers are free to collaborate with them in order to be happy while they are ordering their furniture. They are the people who will choose the solid wood  from which their antique bench model  from the ’Orchid’ set will be made. It can be manufactured from beech, oak-tree or cherry-tree.

The nuance and colour in which the visible wooden parts will be in also depend completely on your personal taste and requirements. You can see the great variety of colours that we are offering from the menu ‘Colours’ where there are a lot of colours you can choose from. What follows next is the upholstery type which can be fabric or leather (you can see the menus ‘Fabrics’ or’ Leathers’ ). And the last thing-the nice antique bench at home or some business place can be manufactured in accordance with your sizes that respond completely to your personal taste and requirements.