2 seater sofa bed - 5059

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The two-seater sofa bed is the special gift offered by the furniture factory ‘Eureka’ to our loyal customers. This two-seater sofa bed is a perfect choice for studios, open type hotel apartments or for small homes. The manufacture of this 2 seater sofa bed enjoys great interest by our foreign customers and you will be able to appreciate this 2 seater sofa bed advantages-attractive appearance and great practicality.

The 2 seater sofa bed model is a sample of polyfunctionality. Newcomers, students, newly married couples who have tight budget for furnishing their homes, small homes owners and even hotel and holiday resorts managers are very impressed by this comfortable sofa bed model. The furniture designers working at our company have created a very comfortable sample which with only one backwards movement of the backrest will transform the elegant 2 seater sofa bed into a comfortable bedroom suite.

The classical sizes in which this 2 seater sofa bed is offered are 900/2100/850, the sofa bed doesn’t require much space in the room. The main part of its construction is the so called click clack mechanism. It is provided with one more advantage-there is some space under the seat. It is not necessary any more to invest in a module for a chest, you are free to arrange pillows, blankets or some other luggage in the free space without being seen by people. Another option to use the space is to put there an additional mattress if your children decide to organise pyjamas party at home and you need more place to sleep on.

A nice and practical two-seater sofa bed

To be a practical person does not mean to make compromises with the quality and the good appearance. The furniture factory ‘Eureka’ appreciates all this and for this reason it is offering to its customers an excellent manufacture from solid wood and very beautiful design.

The arm supports are decorated in this way because the guests in your homey place have to feel as though they are on the veranda looking out on the sea-comfortable and elegant. The short legs guarantee stability and strength and they also have round elegant shape.

The two-seater sofa bed is a real gift for a practical housewife. It is provided with a lot of functions and what is more, it is easily and simply maintained. The pillows, seat and backrest covers are easily removed and what they need is a standard detergent to be washed with in order to keep the colours fresh.

When one day you can afford a luxurious living-room suite of furniture, this two- seater sofa bed model will serve you without troubling you in some way compared to a boring kitchen sofa or an additional bed in the nursery. The people who know and follow the new trends in terrace furnishing have seen unique interior designs which will transform them in wonderful rooms, studies or corners for relaxation. In this way, you will never want to get rid of the two-seater sofa bed, the reason will not be only sentimental.