2 Seater Sofa - 5015

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The two seater sofa model is a perfect choice for homes with proved affinity, taste and style because it is relaxing, stylish and elegant. In case that your living room is the centre of your home, this means that the two seater sofa is the heart, it offers the best place for a family relaxation and rest.

The two seater sofa is a part of a set of three-seater sofa or an armchair but it can be ordered separately. It is manufactured from solid wood-oak-tree, beech, cherry-tree, an eco technology is used during its production process which doesn’t damage the environment. The fabric that is used for upholstery is fine and is easy to maintain. The colour you prefer can be chosen from the menu ’Colours’, found at the top of our site. Depending on your personal preferences, you can transform it into a ultra modern object of the luxurious interior of your home or into a classical elegant sofa which will be a perfect choice for a home in retro style.

The two seater sofa model can be ordered with an additional mechanism built in which will allows its transformation into a comfortable bed with mattress thickness-10 cm. The upholstery of the two seater sofa consists of removing covers with zipper which can be washed in a washing machine. Although that it is mainly manufactured to be used at home, the two seater sofa model can be also used in holiday homes, flats and hotels. The two seater sofa offers its users a great comfort during sitting on it. It can be produced in accordance with measures given by our customers. The two seater sofa that is available at the moment has the following measures 1600 /800 / 800 mm.


A luxurious and stylish two seater sofa

The furniture factory ‘Eureka’s’ designers present a completely functional, nice and practical two seater sofa, which can be chosen from the collection depending on our customers’ personal requirements. You are the people who can choose if your two seater sofa can extend or no. The mechanism type also depends on our customers’ preferences.

The luxurious fabrics, pillows and mechanisms are designed with the idea to make this two seater sofa more comfortable. They look beautiful but what is more, but they also can be a stylish addition to your home interior. You can enjoy a relaxing rest lying on this splendid two seater sofa. Besides, it is well sold in the markets in the Western Europe countries. You can be sure about its quality and we can give you a guarantee for its durability and functionality.