Wooden Kitchen - 6005

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You want a modern and luxurious wooden kitchen and nothing responds to your requirements but the luxurious solid wood kitchens. A kitchen granite broad board, cupboards and drawers from oak-tree wood in a combination of glass and solid handles from brass-this is the perfect luxurious kitchen which will impress your most freakish friends.

Our furniture company ‘Eureka’ has perfect samples of luxurious kitchen which will satisfy all your requirements. Not for nothing this luxurious wooden kitchen is the best selling in our company catalogue. Except for its obvious advantages, we can guarantee that you will use the kitchen furniture for a long period of time. Moreover, its price is very affordable.

It is not necessary to be good at interior design in order to know that a beautiful and luxurious kitchen should be manufactured from solid wood. And we can be proud of the fact that we have a very rich experience in the furniture manufacturing which is a guarantee that you will have solid and strong furniture produced from natural materials. Your luxurious kitchen, which is produced from beech, cherry-tree, oak-tree or lime wood, would look more elegant in the course of time.


A sample of the most favourable luxurious kitchens models

In the furniture factory’ Eureka’ we can manufacture your furniture in a colour which you can choose from the catalogue found on our site. It is very important to be known that it will fit for sure your home furniture even if you haven’t ordered it from our furniture company. This luxurious wooden kitchen is usually produced from solid wood but depending on our customers’ needs, it can also be manufactured in a combination of solid wood and naturally veneered panels.

The model is simple with smooth classical shapes and can be placed in the room so that it will leave as much free place as it is possible. Every experienced housewife will appreciate the modules placement which will make her work easy. Our furniture designers’ high ideological principles depend completely on our customers’ needs. Everything you need in the process of working in the kitchen is located very close to you. In this way you will have at your disposal luxury as well as cosiness and enough place.

We can guarantee that the measures of your luxurious wooden kitchen will fit your place specifics. After you have specified all necessary details concerning the design and after you have signed the contract, we from the furniture factory ’Eureka’ will send a competent representative. Our specialist will take the exact measures and he can respond to all your questions concerning the design.