Small Kitchen - 6007

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If the challenge to furnish your home in a new building is in front of you, perhaps you have to place your dreams about a beautiful furnishing in a small flat. The small place is not a problem when you collaborate with the experts from the furniture company ‘Eureka’ and you chose furniture made to order. We are proud that we manufacture furniture not only for big, beautiful houses but also for small flats and at affordable prices too.

The kitchen made to order is perfect for every home. There is a great deal of opportunities in our catalogue but if it is difficult for you to choose something, we can offer to you a definite model containing elegance, practicality and effective vision.

The furniture includes the basic modules which offer comfort to housewives and assimilate the maximum useful area. This kitchen made to order will have place not only for the utensils, sets and herbs. There is a detached place in it for modern in-build furniture, absorbent which will guarantee the comfort of the people who live in and a modern sink close by.


The kitchen made to order - perfect for flats that are new build property

Choosing the furniture factory ‘Eureka’, you will never have to choose between the useful and beautiful. This stylish kitchen with smooth edge has been manufactured from the highest quality solid wood-beech, cherry-tree, oak-tree or lime wood. We can offer a compromise option-a solid wood in a combination of naturally veneered panels for those people with tight budget. The furniture is manufactured with high-quality and harmless lacquers and stains which create visual volume and emphasize every fine detail of the furniture.

The vision of your future home is guaranteed by the production of the furniture company ‘Eureka’. You have the freedom to choose a colour from the great variety of colours that we offer. For your orientation you can use the concrete menu of the colours published on our site.

If you have already bought furniture from another company, do not worry. The kitchen made to order produced by ’Eureka’ will be produced in a way that it will fit the rest part of the furniture in your home.

After you have specified all of your requirements and you have signed the preliminary contract, our qualified expert will take the measures of your kitchen and at the same time, he will help you solve the problem with the small details of your furnishing. In this way, the kitchen made to order by our company will completely respond to the specific measures of the place and your personal requirements and preferences.