Roundhouse Kitchen - 6013

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Luxury is not only style but extravagance as well. We are offering to your attention a roundhouse kitchen produced by the furniture company ‘Eureka’. The model is very suitable for places with untraditional architecture as well as for homes where our customers rely on the open space. The oval shapes, the elegant design and of course, the non-standard vision are the advantages.

The roundhouse kitchen model (ref.6013) is offered in a combination of solid wood with doors upholstered with natural leather. A white finish with gold is used. The model is completed by granite broad board which is very elegant and functional too. This article is produced only to order.

The model is highly innovative and non-standard and is combined perfectly with modern interiors and as well as pop-art interior. The roundhouse kitchen model can be also manufactured in another colour which can perfectly fit country or loft styles interior.

In the menu ‘ Colours’ found on our site you can choose the colour you prefer for the wooden components and from the menu ‘ Leathers’ you can choose the upholstery with which the doors will be decorated.


The advantages of the roundhouse kitchen model

It doesn’t have any sharp edges. If you have children at home, you do not have to worry that they can hurt themselves.

It economises space. Sometimes the irregular angles can turn to be a blessing because you do not have to use a good part of the useful area in order to mount the kitchen broad boards.

It is easy to maintain. You have been already said that the doors are upholstered with natural leather and the wooden parts with white and gold finish. You can choose the prefect colours and patterns for you but one thing you cannot change-the easy maintenance. This is the end of the dirty spots on the wood and the dust traces that can be seen easily. The leather is easier to maintain, it is moisture resistant and it looks beautiful.

Originality. Nowadays, the houses are built with open inner spaces which allow the housewife to be able to see from the kitchen what is going on in the living room or in the dining-room. At the same time, however, the guests also have an easy access to the place. If you want to be original, the roundhouse kitchen model manufactured by the furniture company ‘Eureka’ is the perfect choice for you. It is beautiful, the furniture doesn’t need much space and moreover, it can perfectly fit the part of your home interior. It is functional as well.