Cheap kitchen - 6009

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The people who love the modern trends in fashion but also the people who admire the retro style, we can offer to them a perfect sample of a cheap kitchen which is produced from the furniture factory ’Eureka’.

The model that is presented in light colour is offering to the room the necessary cosiness but it also creates a feeling of space and light. It is a suitable choice for people who have classical type of taste and also who are brave enough to take brave decisions concerning their home interior.

This cheap kitchen model is perfect for a kitchen in a provincial house as well as a home in a town. If you want to create a relaxation oasis at home and if the kitchen is the place where you spend most of your time, a cheap kitchen made from solid wood at an affordable price is the perfect choice for you.

Attention has been paid to every detail in the process of manufacture of this cheap kitchen which is emphasized by the elegant type of the doors and delicately curved shapes of the modules. The specific patina of the basic material emphasizes the graceful shading of the light colour into a green nuance.


A classic cheap kitchen having a modern vision

Eureka’s designers have perfectly combined covering a practical housewife’s needs with the beauty of every small detail. Furnishing is a real joy for everybody you have a specially chosen glazing, grating and high shelves. An additional high cupboard is added to the usual drawers and cabinets with which they create a beautiful unity that is emphasized by the non- traditional facing.

You will not feel strange having this cheap kitchen model if you choose the modern multifunction oven and absorbent. Even the latest high-tech furniture looks perfect among this type of furniture. If you like, you can try with fridge decoration with which you can decorate your electrical appliances. In this way, you will have a stylish unity as well as a kitchen that is a work of art manufactured by your hands.

‘Eureka’ offers this cheap kitchen model made from beech, cherry-tree, and lime wood and in a colour that can be chosen from our site on your own. It is produced from solid wood but we can offer an option as well made from solid wood and naturally veneered panels. The furniture takes into consideration the specific measures of the place. Another advantage is that the price of this cheap kitchen model is a competitive one in the market.

The advantage of this type of cheap kitchen is that you can order it from our company changing it according to your preferences. If you need, our company agent can come in your home not only to take the measures but also to answer all your questions concerning the quality and design of the solid wood furniture in order to be able to help you have a nice cheap kitchen which will make happy the most demanding housewife.