Wine rack furniture - 8022

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If you deal with wine or you are a keen collector, the proper storage is very important. It is not important if it concerns a winery or home wine-cellar, the suitable wine rack furniture has the main role in wine storage.

The furniture factory ‘Eureka’ is presenting to you high-quality wine rack furniture sets from solid wood which will fit perfectly your home wine cellar as well as a professional winery for trade with wine. The advantages of our furniture are that they are manufactured by high-quality wood-beech, oak-tree, cherry-tree or lime tree. Moreover, our furniture is produced completely according to an individual design in order to respond to your personal requirements and expectations and also because of the specific character of the place they are planned to be put in.


Wine rack furniture for people who deserve it

The wine cupboards and bottle racks as well, produced by the furniture factory ‘Eureka’, are produced completely to order according to our customers’ measures. If you can’t take the measures by yourself or you have difficulties to do it, our agents will come on site and will take the measures and they will also comment on all kinds of things referring the wine rack furniture. A specific design will be prepared which has to be approved by the customer after an agent has visited his/her home. Apart from the wine cupboards and bottles racks, we also produce specific shelves and exhibition show cases which can be used for presentation of specialised collections or when you present special types of wine. For professional wineries we can offer thematic chairs and tables to be used for tasting which have to fit the rest part of the interior and at the same time, they are a perfect choice for a tavern as well.

The advantages of the wine rack furniture and also the models which we manufacture can be seen in the gallery above. You can see a complete design of a winery interior with wine rack furniture from solid wood-beech which is produced for a winery. The design is realised according to an individual order and is completely in accordance with the customer’s requirements and if the customers wants, the furniture can be manufactured from another type of wood-oak-tree, cherry-tree or lime-tree. All pieces of furniture have been manufactured in accordance with the place measures and also with the special character of the winery as well. The wine rack furniture set contains winery shelves, thematic furniture for a tavern, exhibition show cases and cupboards for wine storage. All pieces of furniture are manufactured from solid oak wood covered with protective lacquer. The interior is in brown and sandy nuance and responds completely to a winery atmosphere.