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We are happy to present to you a vintage interior of a dining room-a perfect choice for every home. The set is very suitable for people who like the vintage interior. It includes furniture for a vintage interior of a dining-room in neoclassical style-chairs and a table produced from natural wood. The vintage interior of a dining room can be manufactured from different types of solid wood-oak-tree, cherry-tree, beech or lime-tree.

All pieces of furniture are with delicate design and exquisite decorative elements on them. We are presenting to you a high dining table (ref.2015)with a square broad board and engraved delicately curved legs which are in classical style. Depending on our customers’ requirements, this vintage interior model can be completely produced from solid wood and for those people who prefer a lighter model, we can offer a combination of solid wood with planes which are covered with natural veneer.

The chairs (ref.1093) are also manufactured from solid wood. They have a broad, comfortable seat and upholstery and the fabric can be chosen from the menu ‘Fabrics’ or ‘Leather’. The colour also depends on the customers’ personal requirements, we offer not only one-colour but also patina models with golden edges.


A vintage interior of a dining room

The chairs are offered decorated with elegant decorative elements over the legs and backrest which make them completely unique. The vintage interior of a dining room can be perfectly combined with the interior of a house in a village and it is also suitable for a restaurant or an enoteca. Depending on our customers’ taste, we produce this vintage interior model of a dining room for restaurants as well and we offer discounts if you order a quantity of the product.

The vintage interior set of a dining room is very suitable if you decide to furnish a –lounge in your restaurant or club.

Why should you choose the furniture for a vintage interior of a dining-room produced from the furniture company ’Eureka’.

Because the furniture is functional, comfortable and nice. From the menu ‘Colours’ on our site you can choose the colour which will be suitable for your furniture, and in the section’ Fabrics’ you can choose the most suitable upholstery. Apart from that, the furniture is very functional. You can use it in a living-room, as you can form a dining corner or in the kitchen.

The vintage interior set for a dining room is produced with standard measures but we are ready to accept customers ’individual orders. This is one of the most preferred models for homes and bars which are preferred in the UK as well as throughout Europe. We have produced thousands of this model for our customers.