Retro Interior - 8008

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The classic interior is suitable for every elegant home but the retro design of a living-room is the most important issue for your home, the more stylish it seems to be, the more successful will be the housewife.

Every type of retro interior design of a living room requires that we combine perfectly space, comfort and housewives ‘requirements concerning beauty and style. And the classic interior with retro components is the best solution for those of us who are looking for an aristocracy. We are presenting to your attention the living-room model consisting of a table with weathered finish and also chairs in classic style with leather upholstery. They perfectly match the interior styles of Empire or Classicism and it is a perfect option for house living-rooms as well as modern apartment ones. They define the whole style of a living room retro interior and also-the rest part of the apartment.

When the housewife prefers luxurious furniture produced from natural materials and with classic shapes too, the choice should be exactly the furniture company ‘Eureka’. Why ‘Eureka’? Because our company deals with interior design and all the pictures in our catalogue present our pieces of furniture that have been produced by us. The luxurious retro interior includes an extension table (ref.2066) with a chair (ref.1036).

Retro interior of a living room for ladies who have strong requirements

This luxurious assembly attracts our customers’ attention with a combination of simple shapes but with aristocratic expression. It is produced from solid wood and depending on our customers ‘preferences-from beech, cherry-tree, oak-tree or lime-tree. The upholstery can be leather or some other type of fabric according to the customer’s taste.

In the process of manufacturing our furniture, we pay attention to the smallest details while at the same time we comply with the environmental rules and high quality standards.

From the menu ‘Colours’ you can choose the decoration of your living-room interior design. You have to bear in mind that the light nuances seem to be very romantic and elegant and the whole suggestion is an interior that reminds of the ladies parlour in the past. The dark colour offers authority and aristocracy and it reminds and is more suitable for interior design of living-room in a big apartment where heavy hangings, ornaments and gilding are used.

The set is highly preferred by our customers. The furniture company ’Eureka’ has manufactured thousands of this assembly. The most attractive among them is these with weathered finish. The material creates patina which suggests a sensation of a history of the furniture. The retro suggestion is not only very beautiful but it will be always actual and it is very popular among the people who like past epochs.