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People who appreciate fashion tend to respect not only their clothes but also their homes. That’s why the modern interior design in one house is of a great importance.

If you want your home to have a modern interior design, but you do not like the idea to have plastics, steel and glass around you, the furniture company ‘Eureka’ is going to offer you a suitable option of solid furniture.

We are presenting to you a set of furniture for a modern house with a simple design and elegant line. It is highly esteemed by people who do not feel comfortable among fussy and luxurious Baroque furniture. At the same time, the furniture seems to be stylish, elegant and very suitable in every modern dining-room. A table with simple lines and upholstered chairs are a perfect choice for the modern interior design of every house.

The assembly containing a cupboard (ref.3090), a table (ref.2082) and chairs for the table (ref.1069) are perfect for those people. We produce them from solid wood-beech, cherry-tree, oak tree or lime-tree. The natural appearance of the material provides the furniture with charm, they look in a way as though they bring history.


Modern interior design for people who admire modern interior

Their simple construction, the lack of decoration and classic shapes offer every room modest elegance. You should not be misled by the standard appearance of the components, we provide every detail with attention and precision in every stage of the manufacture.

It is very important to be known that you are free to choose a colour from the specialised menu on the site of our company as well as a fabric depending on your own choice.

According to ‘’Eureka’ designers’ recommendation, you should stick to the natural decoration of the wood. In this way, you will enjoy the beauty that is offered by nature but at the same time, you will stick to the usual requirements of the modern interior. The quality of this type of furniture is very high and depending on our customers taste, they can be with patina or weathered by the help of artificial finish.

The simple style of this set of furniture makes them preferable in abroad too. The furniture factory ‘Eureka’ manufactures them mainly for export for West Europe countries.

If you have esteemed the modest beauty of this modern interior design, we have a special offer for you. You will get a special discount if you order a quantity of it.