Luxury room interior design - 3129

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This is specially made for the people who love luxury. The furniture company ‘Eureka’ offers a luxury room interior design for a living room manufactured from solid wood.

The model includes upper and lower cabinets, a glass show case, a luxurious cupboard with glass door and a shelf for CD or TV.

The luxurious room interior design consists of carved decorative doors and other special elements which are manufactured by professional specialists by hand. Besides, it is offered in colours depending on our customers’ preferences. You can see the colours in our colours catalogue in the section ‘Colours on the site’.

The model also includes decorative doors and other special elements which can be added if the customers would like. The model can be manufactured completely from natural solid wood from beech, oak-tree, lime or cherry-tree. It is a perfect choice for aristocratic houses and flats in classical style as well as offices in classical style too.


Luxury room interior design manufactured from solid wood, made to order

The furniture company ‘Eureka’ manufactures this luxury room interior design with measures defined by customers and colour defined by customers too. If our customers want, this luxury room interior design can be manufactured according to their personal requirements.

The luxury room interior design includes except for a set of upper and lower cabinets and show cases, also book shelves and lower shelves where you can put a precious statuette or some other objects.

The size of this luxury furniture section gives our customers the opportunity to place it on one of the walls in the room and in this way you will not need extra furniture and filling the place with decorative elements.

It is very important to be known that the model is manufactured only to order and cannot be found in our company shops.

The advantages of the luxury room interior design (ref.3129) are indisputable especially if we speak about the ever green vision of this model. A similar kind of furniture is always actual and in the meantime, you will understand that it is of high quality. In case of any kind of damage,’ Eureka’ will provide its customers with reliable maintenance and help to fix the damage. Another advantage of this luxury room interior design offered by the furniture factory ‘Eureka’ is its almost artistic price. The models are completely unique and a part of the elements are produced by hand which emphasizes the model beauty.

You can combine this model of luxurious furniture section with a suitable chair, armchairs or sofas manufactured by ‘ Eureka’, what you have to do is to look at our models on the site in the different categories.