Luxury Interior Design - 8001

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The furniture company ‘Eureka’ designers have created a real masterpiece for a town home where the owners estimate quality and class. The ‘Orchid’ set is a real sample for luxurious furniture which is suitable for ladies’ parlour or a small flat living-room. Everything that this room needs is available, but together with that there seems to be space and feeling for light.

In the production of the Luxurious furniture set, we use only the high-quality wood. Versions of the set are produced from beech, lime-tree, cheery-tree and oak-tree. In all cases what you will get is an elegant production, processing with harmless lacquers, complying with the high standards for luxurious furnishing and a guarantee for long period usage.

The result from working with us is a perfect interior in retro stylistics for your home where attention is paid to the smallest detail.

The set consists of an elegant table in classic style with weathered finish (according to the customers ‘wish and style from this type with soft upholstery as well. The model is also perfectly combined with solid wood cupboard, it is again made in the same style, but the handles of the drawers are made from brass. The furniture is completed with high show case which perfectly complements the interior.


Luxury interior design for a modern town home

According to the total conception for furnishing at your home, you can select the most suitable colour for you from the menu on your site. In order to give additional art in this so elegant combination, you can order the usage of weathered finish.

The lovers of  ever green retro fashion cannot be indifferent to the beauty of every element emphasized with patina (as is shown in the picture).As an addition to the total effect, we use delicate casing which imparts a complete appearance of the whole assembly.

This type luxury interior design is very popular not only for family houses but for modern flats. Moreover, its advantage is that every module can be made and bought separately from the rest or in a set with them in order to have a perfect luxury interior.

This exceptional luxury interior design has been created from individual parts of the furniture factory ‘Eureka’.

Explanatory notes about the classic show case can be found under ref.3068, the cupboard next to it - ref.3069, the table - ref.2061 and the chairs - ref.1057.