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The living room seems to be the most important room in your home, but sometimes it can turn out that it is not the most visited part of your home. If you really want to impress your friend, you are advised to choose a luxurious interior design for every room, especially if you prefer places in the open.

We are presenting to you a luxurious interior design for a house, the design has been realised completely by our company ‘Eureka’. The interior includes a living-room, kitchen, dining-room and a corner for relaxation. The dining room is furnished with classic styles for a dining-room from the ‘Orchid’ series and a solid wood table again from the ’Orchid’ series (ref. 1057).

The living room small table is also from the ‘Orchid’ series and is manufactured to order and has nonstandard measures (ref. 2117). The furniture found in the relaxation corner is also manufactured by the furniture factory ‘Eureka’. This model is very comfortable for relaxation near the fireplace as well as for a bedroom. The set consists of a sofa (ref. 5062) and an armchair ‘Orchid’ (ref. 5008). They are combined with a small table with drawers (ref. 2078 ) which provide your room with a stylish elegance.


Luxurious interior design for an aristocratic home

All pieces of furniture from the set for luxurious interior design are manufactured from solid wood and the material is from oak-tree. The selected colour is faded oak wood with golden patina and it is perfectly combined with the rest of the interior.

A similar luxurious interior design is the most suitable for a family house or a villa out of the town. At the same time, you can choose it in case that you decide to furnish a maisonette or a bigger flat. The advantages are that all pieces of furniture are in one style and you can easily change their places if you do not like a definite configuration. Moreover, this furniture has a very long period of usage and if you look after them correctly, they can be practically eternal.

Every piece of furniture manufactured by ‘Eureka’ is produced in accordance with the highest standard and from high-quality natural wood. The upholstery can be leather or woven fabric. In case that you choose this model of luxurious interior design for your home, you can choose the colour and fabrics of the furniture from the menu on our site.

The furniture is produced not only in accordance with a standard but we also accept individual orders. Our company agents are able to take the measures on site and our company designers can advise you about the vision and style of the furniture for your home.