Living Room Interiors - 8006

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A living-room cannot seem a complete one without a perfectly fitting interior. Moreover, the selection of furniture for a living-room interior design is not always an easy task.

Starting from the pictures, passing through the colour of the walls and finishing with the flowers in the room, a living room interior design is the most important part in a house-it is the place where you spend most of your time.

To look perfectly your home, we are happy to offer to you a perfect solution of your living-room interior. Solid furniture in classic style with elegant chairs and a table which perfectly fit every home.

The manufactured furniture is from solid wood and is a perfect choice for a house as well as for a flat. With the help of the designers from the furniture factory ‘Eureka’, you will not waste your time to compare nuances and hesitate over the quality.


Classic but always a modern living-room interior design

In order to have an excellent result in modern interior design of a living room, you can use the combination of a table (ref.2060) and six chairs (ref.1036) as an accent. Situating them on the corner of the room, you separate the room optically and you can also combine the corner for relaxation with the place for dining, choosing more show cases, a TV cabinet , a bookcase in the same elegant style and artistic components.

We guarantee of the furniture eternity and for its long-time usage too. In the process of manufacturing , we work only with best quality materials. Your living room interior design is manufactured from solid wood from beech, cherry-tree, oak-tree or lime-tree. You can choose from the drop-down menu on our site the nuance which you would like your interior to be in.

In case that your home has a limited space, our designers have found a practical option to help you. The table is with an extending mechanism and is produced with measures defined by our customers. We can produce it without an extending mechanism-in all cases you will have a perfect sample with smooth shapes, delicate decoration and manufacture.

This configuration of a table and designer chairs is one of the most preferable in our catalogue. It is already placed in thousands of our customers’ homes and even in their offices in our country and abroad too. If our elegant living-room interior design appeals to you and if you want it for your home but also for your hotel or restaurant, we offer discounts when you are ready to buy a quantity of the product.