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It is not necessary to clutter your living room in order to create a comfortable place for relaxation and to suggest a sensation of cosiness. The furniture company ‘Eureka’ combines a classic corner sofa (ref.5038) and a short coffee table (ref.2054) which seems to present a style harmony and becomes a natural centre of your living room interior design.

The sofa consists of three modules as the longer one, which we call a bench seat, can be produced in accordance with the room characteristics on the left as well as on the right. Depending on your personal needs, your living room can be transformed into a wonderful drawing-room if it is necessary. This will happen when we manufacture the definite sofa with a metal mechanism built in. It can be transformed into a comfortable bed with a thick mattress (10cm) owning to this metal mechanism.

Homey living room interior design in warm patterns

The most important thing for it is that our customers assign the measures in advance in a way that they will guarantee a comfortable sofa but there should be more space left for objects like stools, short chairs or a basket for magazines and newspapers. The corner sofa with a table that is being offered has also another advantage-save our customers the necessity to put armchairs or a second sofa and at the same time, it offers a visual separation of the room- owing to it you can form a corner for relaxation and the rest part of the room you can have it for a dining-room.

This model is esteemed by housewives not only because it is luxurious and has elegant shapes as well. The loose covers of the cushions and the mattress make the corner sofa very practical and it is very easily maintained. This living room interior design is suitable for private city homes but it will be also a perfect choice for the interior of holiday apartments and high-class hotels.

Depending on your requirements and the whole design conception in the process of its manufacturing, a fabric for its pillows and leather for the main part of the sofa can be used. Their type and colour can be selected from the menu found at the top of the site.

This comfortable furniture would seem incomplete if it weren’t together as a set with the elegant coffee table. It is manufactured from the best quality wood and protective lacquer which emphasizes the delicate shapes and elegant decoration. The colour of the table can be also selected from the respective menu and what we recommend is that you show a sense of art. In our company ‘Eureka’ we manufacture this elegant jewel in a combination of two colours and the soft retro effect can be emphasized with a weathered finish.