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Non -traditional people with an elegant style feel really challenged when they have to choose furniture for living room interior. They do their best to find luxurious furniture with a quality that has been guaranteed and with attractive appearance but they want their home vision to be highly original and even eccentric.

For the people who admire the extravagant and even the eccentric, the furniture company ‘Eureka’ offers a classic and at the same time non- traditional solution. ‘Eureka’ deals with interior design and has also a great experience in it so you are in the right place at the right time. We are presenting to you a unique assembly for living room interior design consisting of classic pieces of furniture but with non -traditional accents. It contains two basic components-living-room suites and dining-room suites.

The first part is from the components of the very popular set in our catalogue ‘Orchid’. They are three-seated or two-seated sofas (ref.5045), armchairs(ref.5044) and stools (ref.5046) The furniture has simple, curved shapes, precisely manufactured from solid wood and fur leather upholstery. The natural continuation of artistic living room interior design is presented by a table and chairs added to it, a cupboard with mirror and show case.

A brave living-room interior design with unique accents

Despite the ordinary design, the living room interior is produced from the best quality wood and we pay attention to the smallest details so that it responds to our customers’ demanding requirements.

The wooden construction can be in a colour which is selected from you from the specialised menu on our site and the fabric may be also chosen by yourselves. The furniture has delicate simple shapes in order to emphasize the fabric effect.

The sofa fabrics from the pictures, for example, are from natural leather.

The furniture company ‘ Eureka’ offers its customers this challenging option with natural leather upholstery and with fur length-3 cm. Bearing in mind the non- traditional combination but the exceptional comfort, we recommend that you use this interior design for a living-room in private out of the city homes in Rustic or Classic style.

If you like natural materials and chic, and you want to have not simply aesthetic effect, but also comfort, this assembly is perfect for you, no doubt. Irrespective the size of the living room, the venturesome combination of furniture and fabrics suggests an elegant charm which cannot be achieved with complex decorations.

If you own hotels and restaurants, you can also make use of this type of furniture. You will provide your hotel with artistic cosiness and your guest will be impressed by this unique furniture.