Interior Design Living Room - 8002

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To find the perfect furniture for a living-room is the most pleasant task when forming a new interior of your home. Everybody knows his/her requirements and taste for beauty but the selection of perfectly combining furniture is a real challenge.

Instead of losing your time and patience to go around the shops, the furniture factory ‘Eureka’ offers a classic sample of furniture for a living-room. This delicate combination fits perfectly for houses as well as the modern new building which doesn’t offer enough space.

We offer a ready luxurious assembly of show-case (ref.3068), cupboard (ref.3069) and a table (ref.2061) with chairs (ref.1057). This skilful combination is produced from the most high-quality solid wood. It is made from beech, cherry-tree, oak-tree or lime-tree, and the colour can be selected from the great variety of colours which can be found in the respective menu on our site.


Furnishing a living room with classic furniture for a small space

The luxurious assembly for furnishing a living-room is one of the most best-selling assortment of the furniture factory ‘ Eureka’ because it is a combination of perfect manufacture, smooth forms, luxurious facing and aristocratic luxury. The table and chairs are produced in classic style with comfortable seats and backrests which are perfectly combined with the rest of the furniture from the set. According to your personal preferences, the furniture can be produced with weathered finish or even with patina.

Thousands of our customers have preferred this splendid assembly because it is nice, it guarantees comfort, but at the same time, it is highly practical. It can help you to zone unostentatiously a large space using the show-case as an accent or to release a precious space if you furnish a smaller room.

This furnishing of a living-room offers light and cosiness to the dwelling. The qualified manufacture done by our company ‘Eureka’ guarantees not only a long usage but also an eternal actuality of the furniture. The modern trends in interior are changing almost every year but what is more important is that you will never feel old fashioned having this luxurious combination at your home. The time that has past only makes the designers assembly like this one more precious. No matter how much you use it, the presence of this type of furniture for a living-room at your home will talk about a good taste of quality and high criteria.

It is not necessary to give all your money in order to have beauty and style produced by our company. We have foreseen an option to manufacture living-room furniture not only from solid wood but also a combination of pieces of furniture made from planes that have been veneered with natural veneer.