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The interior design of an apartment is a delicate task irrespective of the owners’ financial capabilities. It is necessary that you bear in mind that the idea for style and class in the interior has to respond to our home size. When we have a small home, the problem is getting a more serious one.

In all cases, we have to choose beautiful pieces of furniture with delicate shapes and with minimum decoration and accessories. More artistic and more romantic people feel perfect in Provencal style of apartment interior design. The furniture factory ‘Eureka’ can make them happy with an excellent assembly of a table (ref.2022) and chairs (1062).

This dining set is very suitable for a home irrespective of its size. In a small home-it offers a precious space and provides the place with light. In a large home-it will seem artistically and unostentatiously and offers its hosts the opportunity to select another accent in their home.

Interior of an apartment with elegant and eternal charm

Irrespective of the design simplicity and simple lines, the combination is from the luxury class. The model is produced from the best quality wood from beech, cherry-tree, oak-tree or lime-tree. Using protective manufacturing and paying attention to every detail, we guarantee appearance eternity and also strength.

An option, depending on the customers’ capabilities is also the combination of solid wood and veneered planes with natural veneer. In the case of Provencal style interior design, one usually chooses white and light colours but depending on your preferences, you will choose one of the shades presented in the colours that are offered. You can get an idea from the menu ‘Colours’ on our site. The natural nuances are perfectly fitting the more provincial atmosphere of your villa and the simple lines perfectly fit a more modern home like a small apartment.

The dining set responds to the highest degree to our customers’ needs also in reference to the space which they have. The table can be produced with an extending mechanism and accordance with our customers ‘measures. Also, depending on our customers‘ taste the pieces of furniture can be upholstered with a different type of fabric. We are happy that we can offer a discount when our customers order a quantity of the product.

Irrespective of the size, materials, colour and the place where this elegant dining set will be situated, the investment is worth it. We produce this set for our fastidious customers in the mother country of the Provencal style-France. This is the real certificate for a high-quality and luxurious manufacture of interior design of an apartment.