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House interior design is pleasant, but at the same time, it is a very difficult task to do. Especially, if you want to provide your home with retro atmosphere which suits a house. What is very important in this case is the interior-the furniture, walls, the lights-everything is of great importance. There are some suggestions how to transform your house into a retro style.

Let’s start from the living-room, it is the heart of your home and the place where your house interior design will be remarkable-pictures on the walls, a fireplace, stone or wooden floor. Everything will be in a perfect harmony with an elegant assembly of furniture produced from the best quality wood, manufactured by our company ‘Eureka’.

The set we are going to offer to you is a combination of a short small coffee table (ref.2055) and armchairs added to it with the same styles. Their construction seems to be standard and very simple but do not allow this to mislead you. They are very comfortable to use but what is more this is the highest-class furniture which is manufactured with precise technology and eco-friendly materials.


House interior design with retro stylistics

The luxurious armchair can be easily distinguished by its round, elegant shapes and is produced from the solid wood of beech, cherry-tree or oak-tree. Its effect is provided not only with the wooden construction but also with the combination of fabric (leather) and the construction colour. You can choose the most suitable colour combination from the specialised menus on the screen.

When you choose a design or colours for the elegant coffee table, you can choose the traditional one-colour solution. In case that you want something more artistic, you can choose a coffee table with two colours with weathered finish which presents an attractive combination. In all cases, you will receive a luxurious furniture which is breathing ancient air although that it is produced with modern technologies.

Although this beautiful assembly is manufactured y the designers with the aim to be used as a house interior design, a lot of our customers recognise it as  suitable interior also for hotels, clubs, cafes, winter gardens, hotel complexes, restaurants ,etc.

The combination of comfort, the simple charm and artistic effect are liked abroad too. Our customers from Holland have preferred this combination for a long time apart from the production of the old furniture houses in Europe. We even offer excellent discounts for the people who like luxurious retro solid furniture if they order quantities of the product.