House decor interior - 8025

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The classical interior perfectly emphasizes the elegant atmosphere of every home and the classical house decor interior enjoys an excellent mark by the people who appreciate the good and the high-quality furniture. We are happy to present to you a design for a house decor interior in a retro style which enjoys great success.

All pieces of furniture are manufactured from solid wood in classical style. The luxurious interior design includes a small dining-room that is suitable for a kitchen, with elegant chairs covered with white leather upholstery and a table from solid wood with a marble broad board. The model is specially manufactured in accordance with our customers’ requirements. The house decor interior design includes an official retro dining-room for eight people with chairs from solid wood and upholstered with a fabric (ref. 1055) and also a table which is manufactured completely from solid wood (ref.2036).

The model is very suitable for a big home where a lot of people live and a lot of guests visit their home. The elegant house decor interior contains not only the classical design of the furniture but also leather upholstery.


A complete house decor interior offered by the furniture company ‘Eureka’

Some luxurious sofas ‘Chesterfield’ with leather upholstery and fabric have been manufactured to order particularly for your living room interior. (ref. 5074 and ref. 5057), which are combined with an elegant show case with oval design and a small retro table.

A pouf (ref.5075), upholstered with natural leather, a small round table produced from solid wood and high cupboard- a show case which is suitable for beverages are added to the luxurious house decor interior.

The stylish retro house decor interior also includes a small living-room table with drawers and a ‘Chesterfield ‘sofa model in the vestibule. The set is unique and it is a perfect choice for big one- family houses.

All pieces of furniture are manufactured from solid natural wood. They are in complete accordance with our customers style preferences and the rest part of the home interior. Their high quality and wearproof are guaranteed not only by the way they have been produced but also by the technology of manufacturing and protection of the wood. If you properly look after the furniture, practically it will be eternal and their brilliance will last for a very long period of time.

This is one of ‘Eureka’ designs which include a complete manufacturing of the furniture for your home. They are perfectly combined and emphasize the unique home atmosphere.